General Terms And Conditions

Art. 1: General

Aquabel assumes that, by ordering goods, the customer, agrees with the general terms and conditions of sale.
Aquabel shall do its utmost to ensure that the agreed dates of delivery are observed. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances hindering the delivery, Aquabel shall reserve the right to deliver the goods at a later date without any compensatory damages.

Art. 2: Prices

Only the prices quoted on the most recent price list shall apply.
All prices are VAT exclusive and include recycling tax.

Art. 3: Warranty

Aquabel gives a two-year factory warranty on all sold water coolers.
During the said two years the customer shall be entitled to a replacement device or spare parts. In order to ensure a good working condition of the water cooler(s) Aquabel advises the customer to conclude a maintenance agreement with Aquabel. Such an agreement offers extra advantages: the cost of travel time and working hours of the technician are included in the price of the maintenance.

Art. 4: Installation And Additional Assemblage

The customer must provide the power supply, grounding, fuses and sockets at the exact location where the equipment is to be installed.
The customer must provide the water supply and drainage facilities in advance in order to allow the equipment to be installed at the time of delivery.

Art. 5: Delivery Terms And Prices

Aquabel shall not be held liable for any damages that occurred during transport, even in case of free of charge delivery. Aquabel delivers on fixed days according to the region where the customer is located.
The stated delivery date on the order acknowledgement is indicative. Upon receipt of the signed order acknowledgement, and if the goods are available in stock, the agreed delivery date shall be guaranteed. If after three weeks Aquabel has received no signed order acknowledgement, the order will be cancelled without any further notice.
Aquabel delivers only orders for the minimum amount of € 100 exclusive VAT and returnables.
In Belgium Aquabel delivers free of charge all orders from € 300 (VAT, deposits and returnables excluded). For orders under € 300 in value, transport fees will be charged depending on the amount invoiced.).

For international deliveries a transport fee is charged. The amount depends on the weight and/or volume of the shipment as well as the distance and the mode of transport used for the delivery.
After delivery of the ordered goods, the customer shall send by return the signed delivery note as proof of receipt of the goods. If Aquabel receives no claims, remarks or signed delivery note, Aquabel shall assume that the customer has accepted the delivery and shall send the invoice to the customer.

Art. 6: Payment Terms

Unless otherwise agreed, the standard payment term is 30 days after the invoice date.
All payments must be made in EUR.
On any invoices that remain unpaid after the due date, a penalty interest of 1% per month shall apply by law without a prior notice of default. From then on, the invoice amount shall be increased by 15%, with a minimum of € 50. In addition, Aquabel is entitled to suspend all deliveries to the customer in case of failed payment of an invoice on the due date.

Art. 7: Claims

Claims concerning the delivery will be accepted only if submitted in writing and within seven days after the delivery. In any other case, the customer shall be obliged to accept the delivery.

Art. 8: Applicable Law And Place of Jurisdiction

Belgian law applies exclusively.
All legal disputes shall be settled by the competent courts of Ghent.

Art. 9: Specific Provisions

In addition to the provisions listed above, the following provisions shall be in force if applicable:

· Provisions of the rental agreement in case of rental of a water cooler.
· Provisions of the maintenance contract in case of purchase of a water cooler and signing of a maintenance agreement.

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